If you Don't have a good filter in an EMERGENCY...you are the FILTER!

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Ceramic GRAVITY FED Water Filter System

We are so excited to offer this filter in our store! So many have looked at spending $200 and up on popular ceramic water filter models, OUCH! So we are happily offering our solution for under $40! Saratoga Jack's Gravity-Fed water filter is made with our highly effective, colloidal silver impregnated ceramic technology, on the exterior, and the interior has activated carbon to also improve the flavor of your filtered water, removing even chlorine. Our filter lasts up to 8 months once you begin to actually use it. We personally have one ready to go in a bucket, and three more safely wrapped in their bubble wrap, inside their original boxes, waiting on our shelf at home, in case of an emergency. One unit can filter up to 17 gallons of water a day. For such a small price and a little elbow grease of drilling a hole in a bucket... you can protect your family. We think it is awesome! And what is even better, we offer special discount pricing for groups orders. Ordering 12 or more, makes it even more affordable! So you can give the gift of peace of mind to your neighbors and extended family too.

All you need is these three things:

(The affordable Saratoga Jacks Water Filter Sytem, Plus two of your own food grade 5 gallon buckets and their lids!)




Water Purification and Filtration in an EMERGENCY is essential to the survival and health of your loved ones! Check out the NEW Saratoga Jacks Ceramic gravity fed water filter system in our store.


Also Now Available!

The Same Amazing ceramic technology will be available in a 3L bladder which can be used with your "camel type" water packs when you are hiking!



Photographer Upimages | Agency: Dreamstime.com

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